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Get questing to earn rewards

Even Monster Riders need to earn their keep—and their gigantic swords. Check the Quest Board in any town for subquests that can earn you in-game currency to spend on weapons, armor, and all kinds of items.

Upgrade your gear

Stop by the town Smithy for all your weapon and armor needs. You can make your weapons and armor stronger with certain ingredients, or just buy new ones.

You can also do Forge Quests here to earn specific equipment. See what happens when you equip a matching set with your Monstie!

Hey, pawtner, keep an eye out for Poogies! There are 100 of them around the world for you to find. They look a little like animals you call “pigs.”

Shop and go

Items can be used as ingredients in the recipes you’ll earn as you play. Don’t have enough materials for a potion? Stop by the Merchant in town and spend some of that quest cash.

A Pawsome way to travel

Look for these cool Catavans during your trip. You can use them to fast travel all over the map!

Tap in for high-grade items

You can tap in a compatible amiibo™ figure to get special items once a day.

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*Game, system and amiibo sold separately.
Visit amiibo.com for details on amiibo functionality.