Online play
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Battle a buddy locally or online

Test out your Monsties’ might against a friend* in a 1 vs. 1 battle via local wireless or online. You choose the rule set, and you can earn experience and rewards.

Select Network Battle from the main menu to get started. Go get ‘em, buddy!

Share the fun with StreetPass

Battle Parties

You and other players can exchange Battle Party details (like your Monsties and equipment) via the StreetPass™ function on your system. Then you can battle against their party at the Rider Arena. Cool!

Rider Cards

You can also share your Rider Card, which has your title and customized background on it.

Monster dens

When you receive another players’ StreetPass den, it will start randomly appearing on your map. Go in and collect items and eggs! Be sure to share the favor and send out your own den, too.

Create a QR Code

You can also share (or receive) Battle Parties using QR Code® patterns. Select the “Battle Preparation” menu item under Network Battle to get started.