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You and your Monsties

Monsters that you’ve bonded with are called “Monsties.” As a Monster Rider, you can create a team of Monsties to travel, explore, and battle with you. But first, you’ve got to find them.

Into the monster den...

Monster dens are where you’ll find egg nests. Try to get away with an egg…if you dare!

You may find a monster guarding the nest. Battle time!

Egg patterns can tell you what type of Monstie will be inside.

Monster dens often have lots of items and treasure, so take a good look around.

Look for golden monster dens—you can find strong Monstie eggs inside!

Congrats, it’s a new Monstie!

Once you’ve returned to the Stables with a Monstie egg, you can hatch it. Aw, adorable!

There are dozens of different kinds of Monsties.

Fanged Beast
Fanged Beast
Flying Wyvern
Flying Wyvern
Bird Wyvern
Bird Wyvern

Customize your team

Take a look at your new Monstie’s stats. Each Monstie will have certain genes that give them special skills.

But with the Rite of Channeling, you can move genes from one Monstie to another, giving them new skills or increased stats.

Customizing your Monsties’ genes can help you build a stronger team!

Monsties make exploring more fun

It’s a big world out there…so let your Monstie do the walking. Some Monsties have special Riding Action skills they can use while you ride, like jumping, flying, or breaking rocks.

Some Monsties can even help find materials, so you can gather things like herbs, ore, bugs, and other ingredients. Sell them for currency, turn them in to complete quests, or use them to craft something cool.

Take in the scenery as you ride your Monstie