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Monstie battle basics

Not all monsters want to be friends…so you and your Monsties get to team up to take them down! Once you run into a baddie, a turn-based battle begins for you and your partner Monstie.

Choose your moves

You can select which type of attack to try against the enemy: Technical, Speed, or Power.

Your Monstie will attack on its own, but you can offer special items or even issue commands…if your Kinship is high enough.


Boost your Kinship

That special Kinship Stone you carry on your wrist allows you to form bonds with your Monsties. As you battle, your Kinship gauge will fill up.

Once your Kinship is at a certain point, you can select Ride-On to hop on your Monstie’s back and call for powerful Kinship Skills!

The higher your Kinship, the more damage you can do.

Collect experience and rewards

After the battle, you and your Monsties can earn experience points, which eventually lead to leveling up and unlocking more moves. You can also find cool items dropped by your foes.